Thanks For Your Interest In DSSLN.
All job applications are accepted on a first come first served basis. The application process consists of 6 steps and they are as follows:
  • STEP 1: Complete and submit the on-line application.
  • STEP 2: Submit any required follow up documentation.
  • STEP 3: Schedule and have a phone interview with one of our team.
  •  STEP 4: Schedule and attend an interview at our office.
  •  STEP 5: Our hiring team will check references and review the final application.
  •  STEP 6: Attend at our office to receive an offer of employment.
Before we can begin the application process we need a little bit of information. Please click on one of the following buttons so we may direct your application to the appropriate hiring team.
Before we can get your application started we need to know what type of job are you looking for?
Are you looking for a full time position? Are you interested in doing some volunteer work? Are you a student and just looking for a part time gig while you finish school? Use one of the buttons below to give us an idea what sort of job you are looking for.